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Sekirei series is an attention-grabbing and funny kind series designed from the Manga. This Anime was popular in the whole world because of his comedy based Scripts. And it famous because of the different ideas from the experts. This Sekirei anime already has two seasons published. They made twelve episodes in each season with the huge fan following. And after these two famous seasons, a worker in these series in Seven Arcs Studio said that the Sekirei season 3  will release and told the fans that it would release soon.

Sekirei Season 3 in 2019

The Story of the anime Sekirei season 3

The Story is based on the brilliant physical and mental abilities of the beautiful girls and they have superpower as well. And if they want to increase their abilities so then they have to kiss the great person. The name of that great person was Ashiskabi. In this story, a strange MBI Corporation promotes a Sekirei plan. And that plan was about the Sekirei Elimination Battle competition. These Anime series proceed with the story of Minato, an Ashikabi who shows the life-threatening fights of the Sekirei Plan and the intense struggles between Sekirei for him.

Sekirei Season 3 Release date 2019?

It looks like we have very weak hope or no possibilities for the Sekirei Season 3, Until July 2016. The maker of the anime series Keizou Kusakawa was also interested to continue these series. But he said in a talk that he wants to continue the series as well. And even still want to conduct Sekirei Season 3 because he loves these series as well. The main reason for not to launch season 3 maybe because of the Funimation. Because Funimation did not give good value to its second season.

After that, he said that after the result of the second season he wants to continue this anime series. The producer said these words during the launch of the fifth book of Manga (Riddle Story of the Devil). And after that talk, these words are only our hope for Sekirei Season 3 Launch. And I also wrote about “Overlord Anime“.And it is interesting as well.

sekirei season 3 updates

What happened to Sekirei

Fans of this anime series will always remember that Minaa and Takami saw a boat. And it was fallen from the Space that took Sekirei and after that, they made the MBI. And in the second season of the anime ended with the End of the MBI tower and also with the failed plan of the Sekirei. After this Minato and Sekirei left the tower and started their normal life.

As we talk about a fan who was informed about the next season 3. She (Matsu) who received information from the MBI tower for the work of anime. According to her, she will find the real information of the MBI Organization for the frictions with the Sekirei. And she will find more information about the Sekirei’s relation with Ashikabis.

The news that came from the tower would not finish.  Now, She is investigating more about MBI and Sekirei because she wants more abilities. This story now addresses the villain and his plan to destroy the World. It was begun onward from the Sekirei ship.

As Minato and Musubi create loving attachment. Because of this relation, Minato’s Sekirei started jealously with Musubi. As they all were also emotionally attached to Minato. And when Minato came to know about the case of Ashikabi and Sekirei, he started to go away from Musubi. This would become the reason for difficulties to defeat their new villans of the anime.

sekirei season 3 releasing date confirm

Sekirei season 3 canceled?

This series Sekirei was already completed in March 2015. And after that season we have no conversation with Seven Arcs studio related the third season of the anime series. And according to us, Seven Arcs studio is no more interested in making any anime movie anymore. Gokurakuin started a new series and the name of the series is “Rokusho”. And chances of the third season’s series are not strong.

Still not confirmed of the new season. So that is why we still are waiting for the announcement for this good news but we should not lose our hope. And we altogether hope for the Sekirei season 3.

sekirei season 3 Characters

  • Musubi
  • Kusano
  • Matsu
  • Tsukiumi
sekirei season 3 English Dubbing

Unfortunately, As the third season still not released. So for now we can not have any Eng dubbed version of this season. But old season are available on YouTube.

sekirei season 3 trailer

Only one thing we can do for the trailer of this anime season. Waiting!!! I know it may be painful for someone to read this statement but for now we have no other option. And stay updated. You may hear good news about this season 3.

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  1. I find both seasons of Sekirei just Fantastic. So fun to watch. i Can’t believe that there wouldn’t be a third season also. I Really really hope there will be a 3:rd also. 🙂

  2. I don’t usually get into much anime but I did love sekirei season 1 and 2. It is not proper to leave anime blatantly unfinished. The sekirei game is only half over and the end of season 2 showed a 3rd stage to the games. Please come back and finish it ^_^ 👹

  3. IMO, a Sekirei Season Three Anime would be worth the investment. Today, on Amazon, the Sekirei complete series multi format edition is listed at $500 USD and some will gladly purchase it. There is a demand for this series. You will also have the opportunity to double down on the manga perspective with a Season Three anime. In the end, Anime is about sharing your love with the world, which ironically closely mirrors the foundation of this anime series. It has a storyline that goes well beyond its harem connection. It makes no business sense to ignore this opportunity.

  4. This series has been an excellent feel good story and I hate that there’s only 12 episodes in each season. The storyline carries so much more potential. A petition definitely needs to be started to help keep this manga going!

  5. Hey Sekirei has been one of the best animes I have ever seen and I think you should hear what the community says, we are even supporting you to bring back Sekirei. Hope you hear us someday.

  6. i love both season of sekirei and read all the manga would love to see in finish as a anime season 3 would be the best


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