yuri on ice season 2

Yuri on ice season 2 is your most awaiting anime Right? But now it is also a famous topic around the world on TV channels after its first successful anime season. Because it was made in japan a few years ago 2016 and became famous around the world. And that keep the fans to look forward to the next season 2. And if you waiting for the devil is a part timer then that may hurt you more.

yuri on ice season 2

yuri on ice season 2 novel

This anime is about a Japanese person who is a skater named Yuri Katsuki. And he is getting training from his Role model who is from Russia. His Master was a figure skating champion named Yuri Plitsetsky. He was a young person. And if you are still thinking that there are two Yuri in the anime. Then that is true in this anime, there two characters of same name Yuri. Both Yuris were in the first anime season. Because both of them were taking a role in the game of Figure Skating Grand Prix. Anime was made by Sayo Yamamoto and written by Mitsurō Kubo.

yuri on ice season 2 release date

yuri on ice season 2 release date

Yuri on Ice may be boring for normal peoples. Because it was related to a specific topic that may not be interested in anyone else. Who is not interested in sports. But if you are a fan of skating then that is why you are here and ready this article. But for your kind information, its first season was also viewed by famous skaters like Masato Kimura, Johnny Weir, Denis Ten, Evgeni Plushenko, Evgenia Medvedeva etc.

yuri on ice season 2 confirmed

Above all, we still not confirmed from the producers, date of the next season 2 launch. As it was not much popular with the normal peoples but as you know it was too much famous among the players of skates. And it should not be stopped only till the First Season of this anime and they should release the next season 2 of Yuri on ice. But for now, they produced a movie instead of the Yuri on Ice and its name is Adolescence. And you even can watch its trailer online that is already out in the market. And here is another difficulty that they may face for the next season 2 for to release this season. Yes! Investment.

yuri on ice season 2 2020

yuri on ice season 2 2020

But for your consoling when creator Otaquest of this anime was asked about the Yuri story. He replied “I feel like the story of Yuri on ICE’ was able to be summed up throughout it’s 12 episodes. But I would be retiring if I said that it was over. We can not stop, we won’t stop, we refuse to stop!”.So from here we came to know that we may hope for the next season 2 to be produced in future.

Yuri On Ice Season 2 Plot

Finally, we have a question in our mind that is we will get the next season of this anime series? Right! But more unusual things have happened. During the primer of the movie for the people in the theatres we not even listen to any word of the next season 2 of this anime. This is not even a good sign for the fans that are waiting for the next season 2. Even during that time, Funimation released his Blu-ray/DVD at the start of 2019 and not even give us any clue for the next season 2.

Is yuri on ice season 2 cancelled

Is yuri on ice season 2 cancelled?

Most noteworthy, as already discussed that don’t have Yuri on Ice updates from the sources. So that is why we even not have the plot of Yuri on Ice season 2. We can expect that if hey will make the next season then they will adjust Yuri Katsuki in that anime season. Fans think that if they will release next season. Then they make the conflict between Victor and Yuri against each other. This will not good for their relationship. But of course for the reality, we have to wait for the next season till release. For now, as we all know that they are making a film and that may affect the upcoming season 2. We may not expect a good result because of the production of this movie about Season 2 plot. Because we still not saw any part of next season hahaha!

yuri on ice season 2 characters

Yuri Katsuki
Viktor Nikiforov
Yuri Plisetsky
Toshiya Katsuki
Hiroko Katsuki
Mari Katsuki
Yuko Nishigōri
Takeshi Nishigōri
Axel Nishigōri

yuri on ice season 2 characters

yuri on ice season 2 trailer

We already discussed about the next season 2. That is still not come into the market. But Fans are waiting for the next season2. So they even not release the trailer that may give us hope for the next season. So for now , we only can wait and see!

yuri on ice season 3

Once again feeling sorry that season 2 not released then how season 3 can be out in the market.Thanks for reading the article and share it for to aware the production team about fans love for next season.

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